With consistent soul melting and lyrical content that spans from the young to the young at heart, Nasser Ayoub remains an household name whose tremendous impact and influence in Sierra Leone’s entertainment industry cannot be disputed.

Apart from being a Business man and a philanthropist, Ayoub has continued to be a key player in the promotion of entertainment in sierra Leone. With his personal funds, has supported several young musicians and filmmakers across the country and he is active in helping with several charitable organizations.

‘Tranga Yais Borbor’ was the hit which brought Nasser Ayoub to limelight several years ago, but his persistence and consistency in delivering follow up singles considering the nature of his personality puts him in the hearts of good music lovers in Sierra Leone & beyond. The hardworking AfroPop singer is highly reckoned because of his lyrical depth and vocal versatility that blends with conscious intersections of contemporary pop, electronica, folk, and R&B.

We are not far-fetched from how his 2021 singles, ‘Spartacus’, ‘Free Me’, ‘My Love’ and most recently ‘Man Down’ has garnered impressive numbers and thousands of airplays online and on air. The visuals for Spartacus has also been positively reviewed by many Sierra Leoneans due to it quality settings and world class-standard.

Nasser Ayoub’s year was crowned with the completion of his new luxury home. And like that was not enough, Facebook cemented his Celebrity status with a verification badge. With many more successes under his belt, it is right to posit that Nasser Ayoub merits a position among The 20 Hottest Artistes in Sierra Leone 2021.