As humanity works overtime to scrub off the scent of pandemic era which rampaged the entertainment industry and threatened a devastating resurgence, we’ve all witnessed a boom in outdoor activities globally and in Sierra Leone.

Entertainers and musicians are not left out of this and have doubled down to create soundtracks to support the wave and thanks to this, we’ve had a sonically hotter year, with the airwaves taken captive by banger tracks after banger tracks.

Last year 2021, Sierraloaded started the Hottest Artiste List, an undiluted run down of the Artistes that shaped, defined and led music among Sierra Leonean consumers throughout the year.

This list underscores the entertainers who scored the biggest hits, tours, mega moves on the local and international scene, the award winners, and in general, the people we’ve listened and danced to for the past 12 months.

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Morris – #20

Mohamed Morris Kamara makes his name into the 20 Hottest Artiste in Sierra Leone 2022 after missing out last year for obvious reasons.

Coming into 2022 with the Camouflage assisted single “Vybe”, although released in the mid-2021, the song continued to do damage in the first quarter of year with multiple airplays across broadcast stations in the country.

However, Morris became the hottest internet sensation in September after releasing the hit single “Cheat” (Raray) which engaged the air waves of Sierra Leone, enjoying wide acceptability among music fans and followers.

This came amidst reports that ‘D Violator’ had parted ways with his former beloved girlfriend Queenak who He accused of ‘not being sweet in bed’. The song featuring fellow super stars, Empress P and K-Man gained monumental waves in terms of local plays and online streaming in Sierra Leone and beyond.

Despite the lack of enough music promoters, Morris has admitted that his strength rest on his fans. This, He has shown by consistently engaging them on social media platforms. If He doesn’t rest on his oars, we fully expect that Morris will climb up the ladder of hottest Artiste in Sierra Leone 2023.