Sierra Leone’s finance minister, Sheku Fantamadi Bangura, while presenting the 2024 budget in parliament, announced a two-pronged initiative to strengthen the teaching workforce.

A significant recruitment drive will bring in 2,000 additional teachers, complemented by a thorough reassessment and promotion process for 2,200 existing educators. These transformative measures are slated to take effect in September 2024.

According to the minister, the infusion of 2,000 new teachers underscores the commitment to addressing gaps in teacher-student ratios and ensuring that educational institutions have the necessary human resources for effective learning environments.

Simultaneously, the reassessment and promotion of 2,200 teachers signal a proactive approach to recognizing and advancing the careers of dedicated educators within the system.

This comprehensive strategy not only aims to bolster the teaching workforce but also reflects a broader commitment to elevating the standards of education in Sierra Leone.