The Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education, David Moinina Sengeh, has announced the 2021 NPSE Results which brings about the highest female pass rate with a total of 76.2% as compared to a male pass rate which is 77.9%.

According to the results published so far, more girls attempted the NPSE in 2021 and more girls passed from primary to secondary than ever before. This, the education minister said, is in line with the New Direction Government focus on girls Education and radical inclusion.

However, from the NPSE results, it came out clearly that candidates from the Private Schools have topped the list by getting the best result.

From the data show so far, the candidate with the highest mark is Pokawa Jason which scores 354 from Murraydeen Preparatory School and the second highest candidate is Taluba Easline which scores 352 from the International Primary School; Samura Mariama of Apex International Primary School came third position scoring 352; Bah Fatmata Binta of Daley Nursery Preparatory School came 4th position scoring 351 and many others.

The NPSE results which placed Private Schools at the top of government school has been considered as a big blow to the free quality education considering the money the government has invested in government schools to get quality education which they are still grappling with.

After announcing the ten top candidates of the NPSE, the Minister of Basic Education, David Sengeh, congratulated the best candidates for their achievement and encouraged them to do more in their academic work.

Rounding up his statement, the Minister encourages NPSE candidates who may want access their results to go through the MBSSE Results Checker by sending a text message to 468. He said through this process, they will be able to access their results.