As the June 24 General Elections approach, the Political Parties Registration Commission of Sierra Leone (PPRCSL) as one of the bodies putting mechanisms in place to ensure a positive elections outcome has engaged leaders and representatives from the seventeen registered political parties in Sierra Leone.

The engagement which was held on Monday in Freetown, the 17 political parties in Sierra Leone have reached a consensus to ban rallies in the 2023 general elections.

This is to be replaced by town hall meetings or converging in a designated area to speak to the electorates and share different campaign messages by these political parties.

The PPRCSL also met with political parties and key stakeholder in Bo City to discuss the different communication strategies ahead of the elections.

They agreed that, there should be enough police coverage from start to finish at every meeting point involving a political party and its electorates. The SLP is advised to accord equal opportunity to all political parties in exercise of their campaign process.