Report Reaching Voice of Salone Newspaper discloses that President Bio is currently playing the political card to fishing strong members of the All Peoples Congress to join the SLPP ahead of the 2023 Presidential election.

According to report, the President has done all the groundwork to convince those APC big guns including Alpha Khan, Victor Foh, Alimamy Petito Koroma, Slyvia Blyden, and Kemoh Sesay for them to see reason to cross over to the SLPP and join his campaign team for him to win the 2023 election in a first ballot.

It was disclosed that the President has even promised the said APC stalwarts’ higher positions and big contract should they declare for the SLPP but some of them on that path as they promised to only work with the SLPP Government and throw their weight behind President Bio for his second term victory.

It is revealed that 2 out of the 3 APC heavy weights were already carried away by the promise of the President and being secretly declared their support for the SLPP and that makes their party to see them as betrayal or traitor.

But the 2 are currently playing a hide and seek game to convince their party that they are still with them through thick and thin and that their relationship with the SLPP government is to promote national cohesion.

According to Voice of Salone Newspaper, it is crystal clear that the decision of the aforementioned APC big guns to pitch tent with the SLPP does not go down well with the leadership of the APC but the party is till hesitant to expel them because they want them to fall by their own weight.