A gruesome accident occurred Saturday in the outskirt of Freetown leaving a driver with a missing front tooth, and another with multiple injuries to his foot, an eyewitness said.

Four other people were also reportedly injured in the accident after a vehicle’s tire burst, and veered into the lane of another vehicle.

“The truck that was coming from this lane was speeding when all of a sudden, one of its front tires burst, and it crossed into the other lane and crashed with a delivery truck heading to town, to deliver dirt,” Brima Kamara, the eyewitness, says.

Kamara added: “We have a total of six injured, the two drivers, and four apprentices.”

Kamara said the accident was so severe, and the injuries as well, that he fears whether the driver who sustained injures to the foot would walk again.

“The driver whose truck’s tire burst had multiple open injuries in the feet, and am not sure if he will ever walk again. The other driver was lucky for he only lost his front teeth because he was not wearing his seat belt. And the apprentices only had minor injuries and few scratches,” the eyewitness told TV-News24.

The injured were believed to have been taken to hospital.