Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Mr. Jiwoh Abdulai has offered a swift and assertive response to Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr’s recent outcry over environmental degradation. 

According to the Minister, a stop work notice was delivered to the construction site on Tuesday, indicating the government’s decisive stance against encroachment on protected areas.

Minister Abdulai’s remarks, shared via a statement on the X platform, underlined the Ministry’s commitment to a new era of environmental responsibility.

With a pointed reference to elected officials who previously turned a blind eye to domestic environmental issues while touting overseas achievements, Mr. Abdulai made it clear that the days of business as usual (BAU) were over.

“Rest assured the MoECC, will not be doing BAU when elected officials previously ignored these domestic env issues while trumpeting supposed successes abroad. This govt will tackle encroachment on protected areas head-on,” the Minister of Environment and Climate Change stated.e

Mayor Aki-Sawyerr, who took to social media on Monday, 14 August, expressed her heartfelt distress over the rapid destruction of mangroves along Aberdeen Creek due to rampant building construction.

She highlighted the cascading effects of this destruction, including heightened flooding, dwindling fish populations, and the unraveling of precious biodiversity ecosystems.