Anti-Corruption Commission, Deputy Commissioner, Augustine Foday Ngobie, continues his “On-the-Spot Working Visit and Post Payment Monitoring” of the 2nd Cohort Social Safety Net (SSN) unconditional cash transfer project.

The SSN unconditional cash transfer took place in December 2022. It was reported that 36,000 beneficiaries received NLe 1,309 or OLe 1,309,000 as their first tranche of two planned payments.

On Thursday 26th of January 2023, Deputy Commissioner Ngobie visited the beneficiaries and community stakeholders in Bakeh-Curve of Koya Chiefdom at Port Loko District.

Speaking to the beneficiaries and community stakeholders, Mr Ngobie encouraged the community people especially SSN beneficiaries, to feel free to communicate their concerns, experiences and or grievances relating to the unconditional cash transfer.

He assured them that there will be no reprisals or any form of intimidation of persons who makes complaints or express concerns to the ACC.

The ongoing post-payment monitoring under the 2nd cohort is geared towards ensuring that confidential and trusted avenues are created for beneficiaries and community people to freely present their grievances to ACC District Monitors during social accountability town hall meetings or one-on-one platforms for redress.