In a noteworthy development, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) disclosed the recovery of a sum of 8.6 billion old Leones during a press briefing.

This marks a pivotal milestone in an alleged corruption case involving personnel from the Ministry of Finance and the Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA).

During the briefing, the Commissioner highlighted the scale of the recovery, describing it as a substantial amount embezzled by individuals under investigation at the SLRA.

Six individuals implicated in the case openly admitted to their involvement in the embezzlement and voluntarily reimbursed the state while under detention pending further investigations.

The Commissioner stated, “It’s indeed a sea of money recovered from the corrupt who had embezzled it in one of the cases we are investigating at the SLRA. Six people admitted to stealing it and paid it back to the state, having been detained for their crime pending investigations.”

The total recovered amount in this particular case alone amounts to a staggering 8.6 billion Leones.