The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and its Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala, have won the Education Champion Awards of 2023.

The award ceremony was held on Saturday 27th January, 2024, at Hotel Cabenda in Freetown organized by the Mamie Mariama Justice Ganawah Education Foundation (MaMJGEF).

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) and its Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala Esq. bagged different Awards, firstly for the Commission’s Eminent Contributions in Injecting Integrity and Addressing Academic Malpractices affecting the Educational Sector, and secondly, a lifetime Achievers Award to the Commissioner of the ACC, for his achievements in the fight against corruption.

The theme for this year’s awards ceremony was “Celebrating Education Champions”, and the ACC received an Education Champions Award with the citation noting the Contributions of the Commission particularly with the activities of its Elite Scorpion Squad in Curbing Examination Malpractice and formation of policies aimed at addressing such menace.

The Commissioner was also awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for instituting these reforms that aim at sanitizing the academic sector.

While receiving these Awards on behalf of the Commission and Commissioner, the Director of the Public Education and External Outreach Department, Patrick Sandi, thanked the Foundation for organizing such events that underscored the importance of education as the fundamental cornerstone for development.

Sandi said the ACC is cognizant of this fact, which has substantially informed its reforms and activities to inject integrity and maximize academic excellence.

He added that Commissioner Francis Ben Kaifala is an academic too, with a wealth of knowledge and experience from various continents that continue to shape his perspectives and approaches. This Sandi furthered is what informs the Commissioner’s spirit coupled with his firm desire to make Sierra Leone a better nation.

The MaMJGEF which is a non-profit organization providing educational resources, offering scholarships, and creating opportunities for those in need, has this award Ceremony as its pinnacle event to recognize excellent scholars, graduates, institutions, and individuals impacting the educational sector.

The Awards Ceremony was graced by noble institutions promoting Education, exceptional Students in Schools and Universities across the Country, and various educational Stakeholders who were also Awarded.