The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) of Sierra Leone and the Fourah Bay College (FBC) Student Union Government have embarked on a partnership to help fight against corruption with the introduction of a Justice Desk.

The Fourah Bay College Students’ Union Government recently started a ‘Justice Desk’ through its Justice Ministry.

According to a joint written statement by Alex A. Bah and Paul A. conteh, the Justice Desk is a campaign borne out of the desire of the Student Union Government to initiate a culture of integrity, honesty, and decency within the academy.

“This they will execute by conducting awareness-raising programmes on corruption, building the capacity of students to deal with crime and reporting any incidence of academic corruption and injustices at the university,” they stated.

They added that, “The Anti-Corruption Commission as an institution leading the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone, treasures the support of young people, especially students that represent the emerging generation of leaders and shapers of society.”


“These sets of people are disproportionately affected by the scourge-corruption way more than every other age bracket, as they; young people, constitutes greater part of the country’s demography. They have a huge role to play as they are often perpetrators of it, and equally bear its greatest brunt,” they added.

Bah and Conteh noted that in order to complimenting the brilliant stride made by the Students’ Union Government, the Commission will provide the students with leadership trainings, finance, and logistics. “The Commission also offered its toll-free line of 515 to the campaign. Students will use this line to report corruption and injustices at Mount Aureol,” they noted.

They noted that, “By Section 7 of the 2008 Act as amended, the Commission will have the student body support its mandate to prevent corruption and take the desired steps to address/suppress its occurrence.”

Bah and Conteh noted that the two entities hope that this initiative will reduce injustice, victimization, malpractices and maximize academic excellence.

“The students will have an enabling environment wherewithal teaching and learning will happen unhindered, and fair and deserving treatment will be given to all of them. The toxic elements of bribery, sex for grades and other forms of suppression and unwarranted victimization will be reduced. The students will have an avenue to seek the desired redress and are assured the requisite confidentiality around their complaints,” they stated.

They however stated that the onus for the success and sustainability of this partnership lay primarily on the shoulders of the students, adding that the Commission and College administration’s requisite support will make the desk operational.

“The hope is for young people to continue joining the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone,” they stated.

Even though Fourah Bay College has a rich history and heritage, the present status of the institution is cause for concern. The leadership of the Students’ Union Government (SUG) is one unit trying to see the college regain its long, lost glory.