The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has issued a Press Release to inform that it has, on 23rd August 2022, through its non-conviction-based asset recovery process, recovered in FULL the total sum of one hundred and eighty-seven million, nine Hundred and Four thousand, Eight hundred and three leones – old leones (Le: 187,904,803.00) CASH, being monies which Audit Service Sierra Leone flagged as inappropriately paid from the Freetown City Council (FCC) funds, by the Council to the Head of the Mayor’s Delivery Unit.

The said monies, according to the Press Release, were paid to the Commission by “interested persons ” through the ACC’s civil recovery process, following negotiations in that regard.

ACC reminded the public of a release it had issued on the 11th May, 2022, which had informed that the commission had concluded investigations into the matter of the FCC with regards the payment of Le 187,904,803.00 old leones to the Head of the Mayor’s Delivery Unit according to the 2019 Audit Report.

It continued that it had confirmed in its investigations that the monies paid to the Head of the Mayor’s Delivery Unit were not consistent with the Local Government Act of 2004 and other regulations relating to utilization and management of public funds and resources, which was why it recommended a civil recovery process.

ACCinformed that with the payment of the aforesaid sum of money, the civil recovery process has been completed and the file has now been closed.

It concluded by thanking the Audit Service Sierra Leone for their good work and reassuring the public that it will not relent in ensuring public’s funds are protected and where necessary, recovered.