The Anti-Corruption Commission has secured conviction against the Town Chief of Kensay Community, Sahr Quee and the Former Councillor, Sundu Yongai on various corruption offences. ACC issued out a Press Release on the Court Proceedings.

According to the Press Release, the High Court of Sierra Leone Holden at Kono, presided over by HON. JUSTICE ALBERT MOODY has on Thursday, 2nd December, 2021 convicted CHIEF SAHR QUEE, Town Chief of Kensay Community and Ms. SUNDU YONGAI, Former Councillor of Kensay Community on THREE (3) counts of Corruption Offences, bordering on Misappropriation of Donor Property, contrary to Section 37(1) and Conspiracy to Commit a Corruption Offence, contrary to Section 128(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act No. 12 of 2008.

The HON. JUSTICE ALBERT MOODY, convicted CHIEF SAHR QUEE and Ms. SUNDU YONGAI on all three (3) counts and ruled that they pay a fine of Thirty Million Leones (Le: 30,000,000) on each count or three years jail term, to run concurrently. The Judge further ordered that the fines be paid in three installments, Ten Million Leones (Le: 10,000,000) to be paid immediately, and the final payment to be on or before the 10th March 2022.

It could be recalled that on the 10th February, 2020, the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) filed an indictment against Chief Sahr Quee, Town Chief and Ms. Sundu Yongai, former Councillor, for converting to their personal use Twenty (20) Lengths of Half-Inch Iron Rods, and Five (5) Bundles of Zinc donated in 2018 by the former Minister of Lands, Country Planning and the Environment HON. DIANA KONOMANYI, exclusively meant for the rehabilitation of the Kensay Community Barry in Kono.

In this regard, the Commission wishes to advise all Public Officers who are entrusted with Public and Donor Resources to apply same according to laid down processes and procedures.

The State was represented by Timothy P.M Sowa Esq. and the convicts by Tamba Kailie Esq.