Adama Sillah, First female President of Fourah Bay College Student Union Government (SUG), on Thursday 12th August 2021 called for collaboration and peace among student of the College.

She made this call during her inauguration ceremony which was held at the College’s multi-purpose hall.

President Sillah disclosed that, over the years, there has been a call by many to see that the student union government of the University get’s a female President, but to no avail. She expressed delight over the fact that she has made history.

President Sillah also called for collaboration between her administration, the alumni and the private sector. “We cannot rebuild this college without the support of the alumni and the private sector. This is a time for collaboration, for the work has begun and together we move” she maintained.

She added that student should refrain from just talking about challenges, but should come together and support her leadership.

She opined that “Student pay more attention to exams rather than research and internship. The time for change is now,” she said.

Outgoing SUG President, Augustine Diction Bona, highlighted some of the gains he had made while in office. Key among these gains include but not limited to renovation of the SU building, negotiation for the reduction of tuition fees for students, campaigned against sexual harassment, establishment of a computer resource center, fixing of solar lights, among other things.

He urged Sillah to be steadfast and remain focused, and ready to face the challenges ahead. He also mentioned that the task of the SUG President is daunting, adding that it will take an SUG President off his or her personal life.

In her keynote address, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), Professor Mariam Conteh Morgan, said the emergence of the first female President of the Student Union Government is a huge deal that must be celebrated.

She spoke of some pockets of violence during electioneering, but noted that the situation is now calm, adding that the college should now write a new history.

She also mentioned that women have always been under represented in all facets of life, but remained optimistic that it is time to change the trajectory. While she urged President Sillah to embrace all and sundry, noting that she is not a president for her team, but for the entire students of the College, she cautioned that she should not settle for mediocrity, adding that she should not chose her cabinet based on sentiment.

She also urged her to be a servant leader.

In her own remarks, Deputy Registrar, Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, Vivian McEwen, described Sillah’s success as a ground breaking one. He opined that women who have held leadership positions across are most times outstanding in terms of delivery. He pledged that the administration will give the needed support to the SUG.

In her own statement, Madam Hawa Samai, expressed optimism that Sierra Leone will soon have a female President. She acknowledged that women do shy away from politics because of the intimidation they face, but she opined that the women of Sierra Leone are now getting used to it.

Former adviser to President Koroma on gender issues, Naasu G. Fofana, expressed delight over Sillah’s success. She thanked F.B.C for setting the pace for women to attain such a height in its politics. She opined that a leader will fail when he or she pays attention to those who clap for him or her, but will succeed when he or she pays more attention to those who criticize him or her.

She urged Sillah to take responsibility of her leadership, while she also called on women to be supporting each other, for according to her women most times do not support each other.