A 56 seconds video of the CEO of Love Salone and Lef Bad heart, Adebayor, hosting the 2018 flag bearer for the Opposition All People’s Congress Party, Dr Samura Kamara has emerged on Social Media after the party had publicly denied ever knowing him.

As It is a very short video, it is not clear what the purpose of the hosting was, but Awareness Times Newspaper reported that Samura Kamara met Adebayo at Europe in late 2017 when he was Sierra Leone Foreign Minister.

According to the Newspaper, the full video has Adebayo engaging Samura Kamara on issues like Passports for illegal crossers into Europe from the desert.

Awareness Times Newspaper says the video is not fake and that it is 100% AUTHENTIC.

However the snappy video, this medium obtained only shows the end part of the interview where Adebayor was rapping-up by asking for Samura Kamara’ s last message to Sierra Leoneans to which he responded happily.

Samura Kamara expressed that he felt privileged to be hosted by Love Salone n Lef Badheart and even used his last message to campaign for the APC.

This sends a strong signal that there might be some sort of connection between Adebayor and the APC, because a man of Samura Kamara’s caliber cannot be hosted just by anybody. He must have been contacted and must have consented to it.

See video below: