Africell Human Resource Manager, Patricia Jangah has shared a motivational message to all young graduates who are doing Job hunting in the country.

Patricia is a top-level manager responsible for the administration of all human resource activities and policies at Africell Telecommunications Company.

The experienced Human Resource Manager revealed on her Facebook page that, “If only our young graduates can use the job hunting period to upskill ( start beginners Excel and progress to advance level) – just being knowledgeable in advanced excel and a certificate or diploma in something is even an unexplored nichè, learn interview skills on youtube, take up free practical courses on Udemy, Coursera, Alison that will make you prepared for the workplace. Some get so worked up finding the job and neglect the critical aspect of continuous improvement. Try this and get better by the day. Search for a learning curve and not only a ton of frustrating encounters to narrate.
On another note, amidst the challenges in the job market, don’t get caught up with what doesn’t make you attractive in that same market. You speak of nepotism, and lack of the required network to the right people but please don’t aggravate the matter by being unprepared. “Den dae look for you, you go timap na furoad “ take heed. Finally don’t look like your job search struggles! Please be intentional, many crash into job interviews nowadays.”

Patricia currently plays a strategic role in Africell organization, checking out the best human resource needed for the company’s growth, solve problem facing the staffs, helps the staffs comfortable and learn in order to boost the output of the organization, which in turn help satisfy the customers and people at large.