A Ghanaian Pastor Winner Ben Ellie commonly called Apostle Ben Has in a video obtained from social media sent a stern warning message to President Julius Maada Bio.

The warning video was because the president has announced the closing of places of worship for a month.

Ben at the start of the video begged people to take his message to the president by sharing the video far and wide.

He also said that the president should revisit his decision to shut down Churches as the throne he was sitting right now it was God that placed him there and if he chooses to sideline his God he should be ready to face the consequences.

He further went on to make reference in the Bible in 1 Samuel 2 verse 30 which talk about honoring God.

He continued by begging the president to cancel the statement as whoever gave him that counsel had given him a wrong counsel or advise.

He continued to highlight places like Dove Cut and Congo Market that during the day that are highly populated and said there was no Churches that were that populated as these places.

He added that he heard a message from the Lord to President Bio which said that if the president doesn’t revisit his decision he he will have just one term in office.

He also said that if the president’s judgement was going just against the House of God then that judgement was a wrong one.