Sierra Leonean rapper, AG Rhymes has responded to LM Last Mayor by calling him a fool after receiving a threat from him.

LM Last Mayor threatened his label mate AG Rhymes by paying thugs to beat him. In response, AG Rhymes said even though he is listening to elder’s advice, he will handle him. He further called LM Last Mayor a fool.

The rapper shared on his Facebook page, “I’ve been listening to elder’s advices on this issue, but you want to push me to the wall. I will handle you squarely. Fool”.

The rappers have been fighting over a song that was meant to be featured together by the record label which AG Rhymes decided to remove his verse from the song. The title of the song is Reason and the concept is about the struggles that people are going through in Sierra Leone.

It seems like AG Rhymes has worked on the song already as he is sharing the flyer of the same title “Reason”. On the other hand, LM Last Mayor and Fine Posh are also sharing flyer of the same title. Fans are in doubt if the rappers are working on a different concept with the same title.