The newly appointed agricultural officer for Kono District, Jinnah Bockarie has on March 25th, 2024, pledged his total commitment to boost the sector in the district and enhancing a better service delivery at all times.

He made this disclosure during a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security in Kono District. He had an engagement with livestock farmers to outline plans for revitalizing the agricultural landscape in Kono District.

He expressed gratitude for the warm welcome received from stakeholders, staff, farmers, and the people of Kono District. He emphasized his commitment to enhancing the agricultural sector and implementing the Feed Salone project.

Addressing the challenges and opportunities in the livestock sector, the officer elucidated on the initiatives embedded within the Feed Salone project and urged farmers to collaborate in achieving sectoral goals.

Highlighting the significance of agriculture in Sierra Leone, particularly in Kono District, traditionally known for diamond mining, he underscored the district’s fertile soil conducive to agricultural pursuits. He noted a shift in focus from diamond mining to agriculture, evidenced by increased participation in farming activities.

Employing a community-driven approach, the officer pledged to engage stakeholders, district councils, and farmers to solicit feedback and devise strategies for agricultural development in the district.

In conclusion, he called for unified efforts to rejuvenate agriculture in Kono District, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and partnership in realizing agricultural potential and fostering sustainable development.