Sierra Leone’s Minister of Agriculture, Henry Musa Kpaka has announced that, they have secured low interest loans for farmers to further the initiative of President Bio’s Feed Salone flagship project in the country.

The minister made this announcement during the press conference of the ministry oof information and civic education.

In his statement, he maintained that, there is already 10million USD, 7.5million euroes from the European Union and 7million USD from the world bank, these moneies he said are made for credit facility for the private sector and small holder farmers who are farming in rice, cassava and poultry farming respectively.

Speaking on the interest rate, he said its 10percent and that every interested farmers within the category should apply for the loan at commercial banks.

He maintained that, as the Feed Salone initiative continued to attract foreign investors there is a need to make improvement in the sector.

He revealed that, the first thing they did before the planning season was to convinced the commercial banks in Sierra Leone to make 10million USD available as credit facilities to the private sector especially to those farmers dealing in rice, cassava, onions and poultry farming, adding that these value chains are very important to the projected strategies to get the Feed Salone project actualized in the country.