In a determined stride towards rejuvenating a once-thriving hub of economic activity, Dr. Musa Kpaka, the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, embarked on a comprehensive tour of the MAGBASS Sugar Complex, situated seven miles away from Magbruka town in Tonkolili district, this complex was once a bustling center of employment, providing livelihoods for over two thousand individuals.

The minister’s visit signifies an earnest endeavor to breathe new life into this dormant entity, signaling a commitment to revive the complex and restore its former glory.

Dr. Musa Kpaka’s visit wasn’t just a cursory inspection; it was a hands-on exploration aimed at gaining a firsthand understanding of the facilities’ current state. With a keen eye on revitalizing the complex, the minister meticulously surveyed the premises, engaging with personnel and the community people to gather insights and perspectives. This proactive approach demonstrates the government’s dedication to transforming the landscape of economic prospects in the region.

Speaking about the purpose of his visit, Dr. Musa Kpaka highlighted the President’s unwavering determination to breathe new life into the complex. His presence was a testimony to this commitment, as he aimed to assess the facilities, engage with the local community, and gather information to present a comprehensive report to the President. The enthusiasm of the local people to see the complex back in operation was palpable, reaffirming the collective aspiration for all.

Mr. Kanneh Swarray, who oversees the MAGBASS Sugar Complex, welcomed the minister’s visit with gratitude and optimism. Swarray echoed the sentiment that reviving the factory was an achievable goal, as the complex still retained its essential infrastructure, including production lines, farmland and power facilities. The only missing piece was a small investment to kick-start operations. With the power lines already functional, the path to rejuvenation seems promising.

The tour was more than just an assessment; it was a commitment to transforming the vision of President Bio into reality. Dr. Musa Kpaka’s on-site evaluation, interactions with stakeholders, and the assurance of governmental support signify a determined push towards revitalizing the MAGBASS Sugar Complex.