The All People Congress (APC) is running out of time to successfully take part in the forthcoming June 23,  2023 multi-tier election as internal division and rancor continue to thwart the party’s activities including the conduct of its internal lower0level elections and the National Delegates’’ Conference (NDC).

With less than 240 days to the said general elections there are visible signs of an existing bad blood among the party members as the APC is yet to have its presidential candidate for the upcoming 24th June, 2023 presidential election.

The 21-Man Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) seems to have split over the interpretation of the 28t April, 2023 High Court ruling delivered by Justice Adrian Fisher and the current status-quo has compounded the situation even more.

Among the other internal issues that are rocking the chances of the APC taking part and winning the forthcoming 2023 general elections is the awaiting contempt of court verdict expected to be handed down by Justice Adrian Fisher, following the latest contempt of court matter that was filed against the part’s Interim Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh, by the legal representative of the ITGC, Lawyer Alpha M. Jalloh.

APC members of Parliament are also not working as a group because there are those who are reported in support of former Vice President Chef Sam Sumana and others said to be supporting the party’s 2018 presidential candidate, Dr Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara.

Apart from internal wrangling the party is currently facing, it members have also frowned at the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) over its recent pronouncement of the use Proportional Representation/District Block system to select members of Parliament  during the 2023 general elections, some of its layers a re now planning to challenge the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) at the Supreme Court on ECSL’s declaration on conducting the 2023 general elections by the Proportional Representation or District Block system, which they are arguing should not be done because the conditions under which it should be conducted do not exist now.