Former Assistant Inspector General of Sierra Leone Police, AIG Memuna Borah Conte Jalloh as she is popularly called, has slammed the Trade Minister and called on President Bio to sack him (the Minister) immediately.

Following the rapid increase in prices of good and commodities, IG Memuna expressed her dissatisfaction at the manner in which the Minister of Trade is handling the issue. She explained that President should sack the Trade Minister immediately if President is to succeed.

She claimed that the Trade Minister is sabotaging President Bio’s government, adding that the Trade Minister is not doing anything tangible to address the the increase in the prices of goods.

She recounted that during when she was young, the Trade Ministry used to have Market Inspectors who inspected various markets to prevent increase in price of commodities.

She blasted the Minister for not going out of his comfort zone to address the major problems affecting poor Sierra Leoneans.

She noted that prices of goods go up every day, and that prices of commodities which government has removed GST on are still high.