If information circulating social media are confirmed to be true, then all may not be well with International mobile network giant, Airtel and its subscribers in Sierra Leone.

Raising the issue among several Facebook and WhatsApp groups, Subscribers stated that no one seems to care about the issue, not even the Government especially the Ministry of Information and Communications.

“There seems to be no solution for now as even the ‘big men’ are grumbling about it. Arguably the biggest Mobile company in SL (in terms of network coverage and number of subscribers) is #Airtel. But it is very sad to let you know that Airtel is stealing people’s money on a minute-by-minute basis.” The Statement being circulated reads.

“Whenever you top-up and turn on ‘unlimited internet’ (for Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter) let’s say for a day or week, and use only these services on your phone, your main credit will still be deducted from. When you buy extra data (MB) and try to use the internet, both your main credit and MB will still vanish in thin air.” it reads further.

“Why are they stealing our money? Why must we suffer for internet?? Have we not the fiber optic??? Please if you have experienced this problem help share this post and let’s make sure it reaches the right authorities. How long can our people suffer in silence? Let’s petition Airtel and bring them to justice. ACT NOW!!! Thanks!”`

Reactions across social media confirms that the information is virtually true. Hopefully, there will be changes now