Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, the mayor of Freetown City Council, provided an update on the alarming food poisoning incident that has affected the Mabella community.

According to Mayor Aki-Sawyerr, 72 residents, including men, women, and children, have been admitted to Connaught Hospital after consuming food from a local cookery seller.

Among the affected individuals, two are in the Intensive Care Unit, receiving critical care. However, Mayor Aki-Sawyerr assured the public that the majority of the victims are responding well to treatment.

The mayor emphasized that immediate action has been taken to address the situation. The District Health Management Team (DHMT) has deployed a surveillance team to Mabella to monitor and manage the public health response. Concurrently, the National Public Health Agency is conducting laboratory tests on the food to identify the source and nature of the contamination.

Additionally, the Sierra Leone Police have launched a thorough investigation into the incident. The goal is to determine the circumstances that led to the mass food poisoning and to prevent future occurrences. Mayor Aki-Sawyerr stated, โ€œWe look forward to the results of the tests and investigations and to relevant subsequent actions being taken.โ€

The incident has sparked concern among Freetown residents, raising questions about food safety and public health protocols. In her statement, Mayor Aki-Sawyerr expressed her commitment to ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to protect the community. She also extended her best wishes for a swift recovery to all those affected by the food poisoning.

The mayorโ€™s proactive stance and the coordinated efforts of health and law enforcement agencies underscore the seriousness with which this public health issue is being addressed. As investigations continue, the community eagerly awaits further updates and assurances regarding food safety in Freetown.

The incident serves as a critical reminder of the importance of stringent food safety regulations and vigilant monitoring to prevent such health crises in the future.