The Diaspora Co-ordinator of the National Grand Coalition (NGC), Alan Luke has tendered his resignation to the Chairman of the party, Dr. Dennis Bright.

Luke, who has been a member of the party since its formation in 2017, said his decision to resign is as result of happenings at the party’s NEC meeting held over the weekend. He claimed that the meeting was fraught with violence and threatening remarks.

He noted that the party has lost its trajectory and object for which it was created for in 2017.

“The ‘Salone Fos’ mantra of the party and its ideals of seeing thousands of our compatriots lifted out of poverty has been overtaken by ‘self fos,’” Luke said in the letter.

He said that the very things the party preached against in 2018 elections campaign now form part of the party’s fabric. He added that his decision to join the party was to ensure that Sierra Leone’s multiparty democracy is sustained.

Luke condemned the party’s decision to form alliance with the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) at a time ‘when nearly all political parties in the country that competed in the 2018 elections, are now at serious risk of not contesting in the June 2023 elections because of the ruling SLPP’s Machiavellian tactics.’

He affirmed that he cannot be part of the NGC knowing that they want to form an alliance with the SLPP. He drew reference to Dr. Kandeh Yumkella’s blame on the two main political parties for the country’s poor economy back in 2018 elections campaign.

Luke expressed his frustration at the party’s decision overlooking atrocities caused by the SLPP government on August 10, food price inflation and the Supreme Court’s ruling on PR system.

This decision by Luke comes days after Dr. Yumkella reiterates his support for the SLPP.

The NGC party finished third in the 2018 elections with over 40,000 votes. Political analysts believe that most of their supporters are Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and young people that are fed-up with the two main parties in the country since independence.