Not until the end of the APC National Delegates Conference in Makeni, the party has still not violated the court orders issued by Hon. Justice Adrian Fisher which states among others, that the party shall adopt its constitution and resolve all membership issues, according to legal experts.

The plaintiff in the matter between former president Ernest Koroma and others, Alfred Peter Conteh, has made a clarion call for the APC party to open up it doors and be ready to accommodate all those who have been unconstitutionally expelled or suspended from the party.

Commenting on the ongoing National Delegates Conference in Makeni, Mr. Conteh said, he has listened to many calls and concerns have also been raised by faithful members of the party on this very membership issue and some observers believe that defiant tendencies exhibited by people in the hierarchy of the party, will continue to sow discord and shrinking the party. Adding that, it is evident if the party wants to come back to power, the party must therefore stretch hands to all those they have denied membership and participation.

Alfred Conteh further states that, the said emergency convention that is ongoing in Makeni was not just supposed to be the adoption of the party’s new draft constitution, but also to resolve all membership issues as was ordered by the judge.

He further stated that, it is on that backdrop he wants to assert that until the right thing is done, the APC hierarchy is opening a floodgates of more litigation by other members of the party.

Meanwhile, up to the time of going to press, Chief Sam Sumana isn’t in Makeni to witness the opening session of the Delegate Conference.
Whether he wasn’t officially invited by the party is anybody’s guess at this point in time.