The Chairman of the Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) Alfred Peter Conteh has revealed on his festive message to ITGC members and all APCians that his fight in the APC party is provide Equal Access of party resources to all members in the party. 

On 21st December, 2022, Alfred Peter Conteh sent a message of concern to all party members and supporters of the All Peoples Congress (APC). On his festive messages, he addressed key stakeholders of the ITGC and the APC party at large to be aware of decision makings that will benefit all APCians and Sierra Leone as a country. ITGC drew an instance of Hon. Coleson Turay who was alleged to have denied access to several empty offices at the party office for the simple fact of not belonging to certain groups in the APC. This act the Chairman considered on called for.

On his very own words, Alfred Peter Conteh disclosed:

Good Evening Members of the ITGC and Season Greetings to you all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance.

I write to caution all of us, especially those tasked with the responsibilities of making decisions that will affect other comrades of the ITGC and the APC party as a whole and we must be aware that our decisions and focus as a committee must be for the general good of our people to leveling the playing field for all and not just few.

The audio of Hon. Amb. Rev. Coleson Turay and the tweet purported to have come from the Secretary of the Committee in which a photo shows data entry staffs described as members working round the clock to enter some sort of data that we, including myself, the chairman of the ITGC are unaware of. This and other similar actions speaks volume to the lingering divide that some are more APC than others.

Hon. Coleson Turay was denied access to several empty offices at the party office for the simple fact of not belonging to certain groups in the APC. Let me remind you that not giving access to a court appointed official to execute a court mandated task is contempt, by definition.

Myself and others in the committee are seeing unilateral decisions and actions that are not pointing to a unified committee. These ongoing actions are not just unfortunate, but to some extent, uncivilized. There are complaints and problems arising from the general membership that needs to be addressed collectively, as no one person is allowed to make major decisions without the knowledge of the committee.

The Sub Committee tasked with executing the membership issues under Article 10 of the 2022 APC constitution are enthusiastic and has shown the expected determination to deliver, and as a result of executing this overwhelming task, they’ve ignored the much needed aspects to communicate with the ITGC, and most of all, to embrace the spirit of unity and fairness in executing their task.

The opportunity for our members to have a party card is highly cherished, but to their disappointment they felt as though they were disenfranchised against by the Sub Committee. Thousands went home with bitterness towards our party and others are hellbent on causing violence on the day of the voting. These could have been avoided had we adopted the spirit of inclusiveness for all those who are willing to register and meets the requirements.
I will stop here for now.

We shall discuss these aspects and others extensively in our meeting tomorrow, God willing” he lamented