Popular APC politician Alimamy P. Koroma has written a letter to his party disassociating himself from a group photo which is named ‘Voters Registration Team’.

He said he was never consulted for the display of his photo on the list.
He also said, voter registration is a civic right and responsibility of citizens so political parties don’t have to display a social mobilization team.

“I Alimamy P. Koroma wish to inform the general public that I am not a party to any team of so called Voter Registration Team of the All People’s Congress.
I have been informed and my family members are equally aware of a photo of members of the APC Voter Registration Team.
I want to make it very explicit that I was not consulted, neither was my permission sought for the display of my photograph on the list.
Voter Registration is a civic right and responsibility just like census and elections.
Political parties wishing to mobilise their supporters to do so can undertake it without any unnecessary display of a social mobilisation team. I personally believe in the natural instincts of Sierra Leoneans to come out and be registered without any prompting by political parties.
I have been on the sidelines of party politics since 2018 and want to remain so for the foreseeable future.
I would support any exercise aimed at raising the awareness of Sierra Leoneans to their civic and democratic duties without any public display of such.
I advice all well meaning Sierra Leoneans to obey the laws of the land and not confront the law or state authorities”.