The All Political Parties Association(APPA) held a press conference in support of the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone(ECSL) implementation of the District Block System/ Proportional Representation in the upcoming 2023 General Election.

It’s worth noting that APPA is an association of registered political parties that is recognised by the Political Parties Registration Commission(PPRC) and all relevant stakeholders in Sierra Leone.

APPA-SL unapologetically prefer the use of the PR system to the First Past the Post (FPTP) in the upcoming Public Elections because it believes that:

(a). it will promote political tolerance, peace, political fairness and inclusion of the views of the minority and their participation in governance processes.

(b). It is cost-effective as the resources spent in the conduct of bye-elections can now be redirected to other pressing needs.

(c). Eliminates tribal and regional bigotry and the tension or violence associated with it; Promotes national cohesion and helps in the consolidation of our hard-won peace.

(d). It guarantees women across the country their 30% quota representation in parliament and local councils.

According to the Chairman of APPA who doubles as the leader of the People’s Libration Party(PLP), Mr. Prince Coker said that it has always been their wish for the country to reverse back to the PR System, the very reason it was factored in the 80-man 2013 Constitutional review process and the 2018 EU election observation team recommendations.