In the midst of Sierra Leone’s decisive election day, our reporters bring exclusive updates from the Western Rural district.

At Ahmadiyya School in Waterloo’s Banga Farm Community, a state of confusion unfolded at center 15023, as individuals accused agents of the Electoral Commission for Sierra Leone (ECSL) of withholding the display of ballot boxes.

Alfred GM Kargbo, a former Community Councillor, voiced his concern, asserting that the polling agents had sealed the ballot boxes without allowing public scrutiny before the voting commenced. He emphasized that such an act was unprecedented in previous elections, further stating, “They sealed the ballot boxes and denied us the opportunity to inspect them. Therefore, we will stage a demonstration until they bring the ballot boxes outside for our examination.”

Echoing these sentiments, Mohamed Jalloh, a voter at the same center, expressed similar apprehensions and issued a threat, declaring that they would abstain from voting unless the ballot boxes were taken outside for their inspection.

As tensions rise over the alleged lack of transparency surrounding the ballot boxes, voters eagerly await a resolution to ensure a fair and open electoral process.

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