It is alleged that only Le3 Million was handed over the All People’s Congress (APC) 21-Man Transition Interim Committee by the outgoing executive of the party.

Kembey from SL News Blog reports that, few days ago, the commencement of the implementation of the Justice Fisher’s High Court ruling, saw the handing of documents to a 21 man transition team.

Supporters both from home and abroad of the APC were shocked when in the handing over note, it was revealed that after 11yrs of governance, four in opposition with a monthly contributions of Le1m each from over 40 MPs, the APC party has only Le3m in it national account,” he noted.

In addition, the handing over note also revealed that the party do not have any vehicle, computer or any machinery that is in good working condition.

The handing over note including financial accounts from the out gone executives of the main opposition APC has proven that statements from the then Chief Minister, Professor David Francis and President Bio that Sierra Leone was run by racketeers and the APC is not good for itself and the country respectively is in deed true,” Kembey noted.

The then ruling APC was ousted out of power in the 2018 general elections by the then main opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

Following the change of power, a traditional team headed by Professor Francis was set up.

Launching the transitional team report at State House which was dubbed as “The 2018 GTT Report”, the head of the team discloses series of corruption by the out gone government and in a nutshell tag the entire out gone executives as racketeers.

The President elect, Julius Maada Bio also referred to the out gone executives as a bunch of corrupt people adding that they were not good for themselves or Sierra Leone.

These two statements were not only rejected by the main opposition APC but have always being a reference point in almost all their meetings or public addresses of their supporters.

Some school of thoughts have always referred to such statements as political, aimed at tainting the out gone executives.