Mister International Sierra Leone 2022 who doubles as Mr HMS 2022, Almon Sall has on his Facebook page weighed and revealed the possible reasons to loosing the final 16 qualifications in the Mister International 2022 pageant show in Manila, Philippines.

Almon Sall, one of Sierra Leone’s most superb International model represented his mother land in the just concluded Mister International pageant show. Almon Sall among other contestants across the globe did his very best flew the country’s flag at a high mast but unfortunately lost in the final 16 contestants stage and was sent home off the show.

As disappointed as he could, returning home without his dreams achieved, Almon Sall appreciated Sierra Leoneans for their superfluous love showed to him while serving the country.

On a live video after he was sent home, Almon Sall apologized and explained some reasons why he couldn’t qualify at the final stage of the show.

On his Facebook page, as he awaits his birthday this !month of November, Almon furthered that the delay to achieving his long dreamt dream are as a result of protection from the Almighty. This he said because, he strongly believed God slowed him down so that the evil ahead of him could pass easily before he could reach there.

On his very own words, he wrote:

Sometimes God will slow u down so that the evil ahead of u will pass before u get there. Your DELAY could mean your PROTECTION. Inadv to myself.”