The least expected Political outcome swooped in in 2018 with the decisive electoral victory of President Julius Maada Bio under the umbrella of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP).

The political shock was heavy and near shattering. In their wildest of dreams, APC never anticipated the political loss and the minutest spirit of internal resolution of the outcome was zero. The reality was, APC lost the 2018 elections to the now ruling SLPP.

In a normal world, one would have expected the APC to do internal reflections and track lessons that could drive efforts to readjust the strategies and restructuring of the various elements of the party.

It never happened but in its place was a deliberate and well planned strategy to supplant the democratic process through resistance to democratic change, Political denial and disengagement from the processes of state governance. This was where they got it all wrong.

Internally, liberal figures and respecters of the reality and dynamism of change were persecuted, degraded and labelled. Conclusively, they were alienated and dressed with the Judas identity.

Political linchpins like Victor Foe, Alpha Kanu, Paul Kamara, Mohamed Bangura and many more were subjected to humiliation, threats and denial. The resultant effects were resistance and emboldenment. For Victor and the rest, the new regime must be given time and space to go govern. To them politics is dynamic, not a monopoly.

Alpha Kanu recoiled and became resolute and socially imprisoned himself in his home district of port loko helping and supporting anything progressive for his people. The animosity between him and the party deepened to the point Alpha Kanu could not mingle with and attend functions with his Comrades in the APC. The last show down was the funeral ceremony of our dear late sister Admire. In the ceremony, a group of hudlums parading as youth wing accosted him. He was rescued by some comrades who dared not talk but strongly believed the leadership and the new culture of disdain in the party was not only predatory but characteristic of negative cultural preponderance.

The SLPP may be classified in whatever negative way but they know things,persons and situations of value. SLPP spotted and courted and eventually conscripted Hon. Alpha Kanu.

Hon. Alpha Kanu is a political gem, undoubtedly. His Political transition is nothing but a biting Political omen. This situation is symbolic of the near end of the intelligentsia tradition in the APC. Unarguably, Hon. Alpha Kanu’s exodus from the APC is not a lone venture but a generational shift. He is gone and with the people and traditional Political identity of the great people of great Port loko.

Port loko is the telling story of the foundation and traditional Political regalia of the APC. The APC “Boromsarr” is implanted and erected in Port loko. Loosing Port loko is loosing the political cream in the heart of the heartlands of the APC. Regrettably, APC has lost the political show.

The various and vibrant affiliate groups that were there when many were crawling under the beds are ignited and in disdain of the anecdotal policy of excluding them from the Delegates list. They will fuel the growing generation of supporters of SLPP in the political ranks of the APC.

The apparent defection of Hon. Alpha Kanu is a Pathfinder with popular appeal.

But history teaches that history teaches nothing! The best of the APC is drowned in the pool of one person bestriding the narrow walls of APC like a Colossus.