The United States Ambassador, Bryan Hunt has congratulated the 40 hand selected Republic of Sierra Leone Armed Forces (RSLAF) soldiers after completing training in the US.

The congratulatory message was in connection to the completion of their training with the United States Army Security Force Assistance Brigade.

Accordingly, the training was part of the United States’ commitment to train military partners as well as to gain a shared understanding of best practices of both countries.

In his statement, the ambassador noted that, the United States and Sierra Leone share a common commitment that is not only binded by the international peace and security but also to expand the democratic values and the protection of the fundamental freedom and the protection of the human rights at all times in both countries.

“The people of the United States and Salone share a common commitment not only to the preservation of international peace and security but also to the expansion of democratic values, the assurance of fundamental freedoms, and the protection of human rights. It is my hope that professional exchanges at all levels of our society, including among members of our armed forces, can help to reinforce these shared values and ensure the sustained vibrancy of our respective democracies,” he stated.