The New German Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Jens Kraus-Masse, has in a courtesy call to the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs committed his support towards the promotion of the Country’s natural and Cultural heritage.

In her opening remarks, Minister Memunatu Pratt said the MTCA administration was honoured to host the Ambassador; noting that his predecessor must have briefed him about the ongoing change within the Ministry.

She added that the MTCA administration was recently in Berlin to be part of the ITB and made a strong case for investment in the sector to several tour operators including Air France.

Minister Pratt also stated that Germany has been a close friend and partner in development; citing that during the Budapest Rally, many Germans participated.

Meanwhile, on culture and heritage, Memunatu Pratt recalled the support Sierra Leone received from Germany for the rehabilitation and facelift of the national museum.

Ambassador Kraus-Masse commended the Minister and team for keeping the fire burning.

The Ministry further considers Germany as a reliable partner, and he also praised the efforts of MTCA for being ranked by the Times Magazine as one of the greatest places to visit all year round.

The new German Ambassador committed his Embassy’s support in promoting the protection of the Country’s natural cultural heritage; adding that there are multiple opportunities within the sector, but there would be a need to further convince institutions in Germany for much-needed support to improve the industry.