President Ernest Bai Koroma told the National Youth League of the All Peoples Congress at the just concluded annual conference that he will continue as ‘Team Manager’ of the party, meaning he will continue as National Chairman and Leader, but that as ‘Team Manager’ he will give the presidential flag bearer ticket to someone who has the capacity to win the next presidential elections for the APC.

The President and National Chairman said he will be replaced with another ‘Messi’ that will win the elections for the party.

As the keynote speaker of the conference, President Koroma said his service as President of Sierra Leone is drawing nigh and that the party has some successors who are now warming up to take over from him.

“I want to make it known to all that those that want to succeed me have no problem, but they should do it peacefully and they should not bring division in the party. There is only one APC forum, all other forum created by these candidates have nothing to do with the party.”

President Koroma warned all those moving around the country telling the people that they have been endorsed by him to desist from such a deceitful act. He said this time his is still fighting ebola and it is not time for politics.

“When the time comes for us to start politics, then we will work together and find the most suitable and best candidate that all of us will support as a family.”

Talking about the youths, he praised them for their resilience and admitted that they have been very instrumental in the last two elections won by the party. He said that is why he kept his promises and has been appointing them to major positions so that they will prove their mettle.

He call on all the youths to look into the future and they should not be blaming the past government as they have done theirs and his own government is still doing what will change the face of the country.

President Koroma averred that the structures they have put in place it will be difficult for them to loose an elections because the youths are united, they have been gaining more grounds and they must always know that politics is a game of number.

“I am always happy to be with you the youths because you have been so dynamic and committed to the party’s cause. We can see it from this conference how you have mobilised so many party memebrs and sympathisers to come to Makeni to grace the occasion. I can’t thank you much, but I will always be with you and will continie to make sure that you are well represented in my government.”

He urged them to take the message to the outside world that APC is one family and every member is ready to defend the party to the last.

“Tell the people what we have done so that they will understand that we are rebuilding the country and we will not relent.”

He assured the youth and other party members that the party is in a very strong position to win the next elections and this is the time that they must work together as a team and not allow division to reverse the party.

“Let those aspiring for my position come onboard and work with my government to continue the successful implementation of the Agenda for Prosperity as only the APC have the potential to make this country a better place.”

He called on all the youths to continue their good work and work with the leadership of the party to continue to produce the best results in years to come.