The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire and promoter of Housemates Salone reality TV show, Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jr. (Junior Navo) has dismissed claims that he created Housemates Salone reality TV show as a competition for the Big Sister Salone show.

Many Sierra Leoneans were left awash earlier in 2020 when two reality TV shows – Housemates Salone and Big Sister Salone announced plans to kick off its second edition in October and subsequently unveiled their new houses to their fans.

The Big Sister Salone Season 1 had its first season in 2018 and was organized by Zedzee Multi Media Consultant in partnership with Africell and the Africa Young Voices (AYV) Media Empire. However, the relationship between the parties went sour after AYV and Africell decided to produce the Housemates Salone Season 1 shortly after the first edition of the BSS show.

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The Season 2 of both shows are currently running in Sierra Leone. While Housemates Salone is promoted by AYV Media Empire and Africell, Big Sister Salone is promoted by Zedzee Multi Media Consultant and Orange.

In a statement on Sunday, Ambassador Anthony Navo, Jr. said He created the Housemates Salone show as a platform for young people to showcase their talents and provide an entertainment show of an international standard.

He wrote, “So, why “Housemates – Salone”? Like any partnership in entertainment, there are always challenges and we must respect people for their personal choices in life. More importantly, AYV Media Empire also received a correspondence from an international firm challenging the legality of the use of the name “Big Sister” in Sierra Leone among other things. We sought legal opinion from our lawyers and we were advised appropriately.

“However, despite this international legal challenge, AYV Media Empire wanted to continue in creating the platform for young people to showcase their talents and provide an entertainment show of an international standard. We wanted it to be a unique Sierra Leonean reality TV show and named it “Housemates Salone”.

“At AYV Media Empire, we are not in competition with anyone because it is our hope that other television stations will give equal opportunities to entertainment companies and artists to promote their shows and programmes. Just as we work hard to succeed as a media and entertainment company, we also want other entertainment companies to succeed because if they do it is better for Sierra Leone and create more opportunities for young people.”

“For members of the public whether you watch the two shows on different television sets, or one show on your television set and the other on your mobile phone, you must be proud that they are both Sierra Leonean shows promoting Sierra Leonean talents. Ambassador Anthony Navo Jr and AYV Media Empire remain committed to partner with other institutions and we want to extend our best wishes to the “Big sister – Season 2 and other entertainment shows. We only have one Sierra Leone.”, he said.