President of Sierra Leone and Leader of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) last Friday 26th November vented out his anger on the SLPP Young Generation while he was giving the keynote address in the first ever Youth Conference of the party.

This happened when the President was giving the keynote address and there was jeering in the hall, the President vented his anger on the young people that were misbehaving.

“Get Out Now!… Anybody that is here to vote, you better behave yourself or else you will get out of here. We are not here for rubbish! We want to train the Youth! We want you to be better politicians that us! Before the President you are behaving that way! Let me see any idiot misbehaving again,” the President vexed.

According to Salone Times, when he (Bio) realized that the statement was very unpresidential, the President asked that they bring the youth that was sent out.

The President stated that the youths are not only the future but they are the present because they have the energy to move things.

He advised to make the correct choice not based on parochial tribal and regional interests but that they should choose a person that will serve the purpose because this is a training for them.

“Let this be a training ground for you, the person you choose today might as well be the Presidential Aspirant one day,” the President stated.

He explained his personal story, highlighting that he was 27 years old when he led this country but because of what he did and did not do, that is the reason people are looking up to him for leadership again today.