The 21-Man Interim Transitional Governance Committee (TGC) of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) will this week start new lower membership registration and verification exercise for the 63,000 membership register that was handed over to the Committee by the out-going national executive of the ruling party.

This information was made known to this press by the Communication Officer for the APC-ITGC, Suliaman Bumneh Kamara, following the recommendations from the Political registration of members within the party hierarchy.

The interim ITGC mouthpiece also noted that for this upcoming exercise, both the chairman and secretary will be responsible for the signing of the membership cards which will be valid for use across the country, adding that said membership registration will last for twenty days.

He continued that after that exercise and the approval of the new rules and régulations, the main opposition party will automatically start
its internal lower-level elections. Furthermore, the ITGC Mouth piece disclosed that they will select a team of five in each constituency across the country to carry out the exercise, adding that the team will not include members that were apointed by the ITGC who are currently serving as interim district executive of the party.

When the exercise is completed, the ITGC mouthpiece revealed that they will be opening a special bank account for the remittance of fund.