The main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) has vowed to disregard the injunction order slammed against their Delegates’ Conference by Justice Hannah Bonnie yesterday.

The party hinged the reason on an earlier order issued by Justice Adrian Fisher on the 27th of January this year. The said order prodded the party to conduct their National Delegates Conference on or before the 25th of February 2023.

The party said that they are bound to follow the earlier order by Justice Fisher.

“This purported court action is different from that presided over by the Hon. Justice Adrian J. Fisher (J) and the APC is neither a party to this fresh action nor was it referenced in the body, content and spirit of the purported Court Order that followed,” the party wrote in a press release issued after Justice Bonnie’s order.

The APC reaffirmed their commitment to go ahead with their Delegates’ Conference in Makeni this weekend as planned.

this was a reaction to an earlier injunction slammed on the party by Justice Bonnie from conducting the said conference after a member prayed on the court to bar party members that were found guilty by the Commissions of Inquiry (COI). The plaintiff asked Justice Bonnie to restrict such members from contesting for party positions. It was against that backdrop that the judge slammed an interim injunction on the party’s conference this weekend. The case proposed for another court hearing next week Thursday.