Justice Adrian Fisher has granted the All People’s Congress (APC) extended time for the party to conduct its lower-level elections.

This recent development is a result of the party’s plea to the court in a previous sitting after the appointed timeframe for the conduct of all lower-level elections elapsed.

The leeway granted by Justice Fisher to the APC will now the party conduct their pending elections together with those petitioned to the Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) by some members of the party.

The implication of this judgement means the APC’s Transitional Interim Independent Elections Management Committee (TIIEMC) will conduct the remaining eight ward elections in Kono District, 11 constituency elections across the country that is inclusive of the five petitioned elections upheld by the PPRC.

The TIIEMC has not yet released the date for the next lower-level elections.

Some of the previous domestic elections of the party were marred by violence by some party members.

The APC is the country’s main opposition but some citizens are wary of the performance of the party in the June 2023 elections because of late preparations and in-house politics.