The 2018 presidential candidate and current flagbearer aspirant of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), Dr. Samura Kamara has recently averted a clash between factions of Alfred Peter Conteh and Hon. Abdul Kargbo.

Addressing a jubilant crowd of APC supporters just after the ruling of Justice Fisher on the contempt matter filed by the legal representative of the 21-Man Interim Transitional Governance Committee (ITGC) who is part of the Hon. Abdul Kargbo faction, Dr. Samura Kamara told the supporters that APC should not fight APC.

Dr. Samura Kamara maintained that they are all one family, pointing out that the ruling of Justice Fisher is a victory for the APC and not an individual. He further called on all those who were around the precinct of his office to go back to their respective homes peacefully.

Earlier, High Court Judge Justice Adrian Fisher found Alfred Peter Conteh guilty of Contempt of Court and further quashed all decisions he unilaterally took as Chairman of the ITGC and fined him 50 million Leones old Notes or imprisonment of 30 days pending an affidavit filed by him.

Meanwhile, pro-Alfred Peter Conteh supporters and pro-Alhaji Samuel Samsumana supporters just after the ruling took to their social media platforms allaying fears and pointing out that the ruling favors Peter Conteh and that he is still in control