The chairman and Leader of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC), Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has recently in Makeni City disclosed to a group of party members and supporters that the party is expected to elect its 2023 presidential flagbearer in June, this year.

Over fifty associate groups and other senior members of the party paid courtesy call to the APC Leader and former President at his residence in Makeni in order to plead with him to stay in his position as Chairman and Leader of the party until after the 2023 general elections.

Speaking in a jubilant mood to the mammoth crowd, the APC Chairman noted that the party now has a new legal document following the approval of the new Constitution on 25th of March this year, replacing the party 1995 constitution.

According to Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the approval of the new Constitution, subject to high Court Scrutiny, is welcome news for the entire membership as it will be used to carry out the party forthcoming lower-level and national executive elections and also the election to choose the 2023 presidential flagbearer.

The party Chairman and Leader told the gathering that APC cannot use the new Constitution util the Court gives its orders noting that as soon as that is done, the party will release the dates for the holding of lower-level elections in all Ward, Constituency, District and Regional Levels and also dates for the elections of national executive officers and presidential flagbearer.

According to The Exclusive Newspaper, APC chairman and Leader also confirmed to the huge number of party members and supporters that if the court is able to release its final ruling on the petition matter by mid this month, they are quite sure that by the end of June the party would have a flagbearer for the 2023 elections. He also added that the new executive that will be chosen under this new Constitution will be solely responsible to campaign with the successful flagbearer for the 2023 elections, adding that the party will be employing massive expanded campaign strategies to remove the current SLPP government from government in the 2023 polls.

Furthermore, he advised other big guns of the party to join in the campaign and help the people of Sierra Leone remove what he referred to as “a failed government.”