1st Lady, Mrs. Fatima Maada Bio, was spot on when she educated the populace that the artificial shortages of fuel in the country, were nothing but artificial created artificially by APC fuel companies’ owners who are sabotaging the progress and development of this country in the name of politics.

To compound the problem, those APC fuel station owners have been found to be striking deals with Jebu fuel sellers who are supplied large quantities of fuel for it to be sold in the black market at very high prices which in essence create mass sufferings for majority of the people.

For reasons of politics the APC elements have no care in the world about the sufferings of the people as long as they can make ‘aramu’ money or sinful profits for themselves while at the same time giving a bad name to the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party in governance which is working tirelessly to make sure that the people of this country live very comfortable lives.

Since the APC lost the 2018 elections, it has taken to stabbing the nation in the back by doing things that cause mass sufferings while at the same time pretending that the problems created by the APC elements are the fault of the government.

APC elements have been caught at Lungi stealing fuel meant for the generator that supplies light to the people of Lungi.

APC bandits are sent all around the country to wage war against citizens by sabotaging electric cables which they steal by damaging transformers and other electrical equipment and then they vanish leaving the government spending hundreds of millions of dollars putting back into place what had been wickedly destroyed by APC saboteurs.

A Jebu man who operates around the Waterloo area and who spoke in anonymity told this press that the APC fuel station owners have created a Jebu store around the Foh Mile area where thousands of drums of fuel are stored to be released in the black market at very high prices.

He explained that there is a grand plan for those APC fuel station owners to hide thousands of drums of fuel underground as the 2023 elections draw near so that this government will be blamed for the shortages and the hike in black market prices.

The wickedness of those APC fuel station owners has no mercy with a high determination to cause problems for the whole of Sierra Leone.

The Jebu master advises government to pay close attention to that Waterloo area where thousands of drums of Jebu fuel are stored.