After protracted infighting and court injunctions, the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) will today Thursday 24th March, 2022 at midnight have a new party constitution.

The new APC Constitution will replace the 1995 party constitution which many had argued was moribund and lacked democratic tenets.

The new constitution emanated from a report of the committee that was set up after the APC lost the March, 2018 presidential runoff, which laid emphasis on its recommendation for a review of the 1995 APC Constitution.

It could be recalled that the APC’s new draft constitution was adopted during the Makeni emergency National Delegates’ Conference in 2021 and gazette for the second time after clarification of all objections raised by objectors.

The new draft constitution will come into effect midnight 24th March, 2022 pending High Court Judge, Justice Adrian Fisher’s ruling on the matter between Alfred Peter Conteh and APC. The outcome of the ruling will set out the next National Delegates’ Conference where a presidential candidate will be elected.

Alfred Peter Conteh, who is a paid-up party member, took the APC National Chairman and Leader, erstwhile President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma led APC National Executive to court challenging the legality of its term in office.

According to The Satellite Newspaper, an internal organization in the APC that comprised predominantly legal luminaries, the National Reformation Movement (NRM), would go down in history for its relentless efforts in ensuring the Selection Clause and other draconian clauses in the 1995 APC Constitution were replaced with contemporary democratic tenets.