The All Peoples Congress (APC) 21 man technical committee has finished conducting delegates elections across the country and have complied the list of delegates that they have handed over to the PPRC.

The acting Publicity Secretary of the party Sidi Yaya Tunis said they completed the elections in as much as they have some challenges with some constituencies, but they have compiled the elected voters list and will hand over today to the PPRC as they are in charge of the elections through the ruling of Justice Adrian Fisher.

When asked about the constituencies that elections were cancelled, Mr. Tunis said he cannot tell what will be the decision until they meet with PPRC today Tuesday 7th September then what PPRC tells them is what they will do.

โ€œWe did our best to make sure that every constituency is being represented in Makeni next week, but if some of them did not live up to expectation it is not our fault as time was not on our side. We were working to make sure that the 31st August deadline is met.โ€

He commended the party members and officials that worked with them to make the process easy and said that is the spirit of APC and they hope that when they go to Makeni they will make the process easier and the new constitution will be adopted to kick start the lower level elections across the country.

The Secretary if the 21 man committee Lawyer Mohamed Sheridan Kamara said all the legal instruments to make the delegates election successful were met and they are happy that due process was followed and after the handing over today we hope that we will continue to the process and get our new constitution ready for the party to regain power come 2023.