A Core Member of the All Peoples Congress Party, Kamara Taylor in Konta Wala, a town located in the Northern Province of Sierra Leone, has declared support for the Sierra Leone People´s Party.

Kamara Taylor acknowledges the development done by the Sierra Leone people´s Party in Konta wala which have never been done by any political party, not even the APC. He stated that where there is development, is where he will be, that is why he is now in support of the SLPP.

The SLPP is taking a hard stroke at the APC in preparation for the 2023 Elections. The first great move taken by the SLPP was the appointment of one of the APC´s backbone, Alhaji Alpha Kanu, as Resident Minister North-West, followed by Haja Isata and now Kamara Taylor.

What is more striking is the recent urge of the SLPP to change the narratives of the tribal politics being tagged with them for the past three years in power. The SLPP is partially involving the northerners in key positions in a way to secure portions of the APC strongholds.

However, Kamara Taylor´s declaration is viewed by the SLPP as just one public example and that more declarations will be coming. It is not cleared as to what will be their next move but what is certain is that the SLPP is gradually gaining the support of the APC Core Supporters.