The deputy leader of the main opposition, All People’s Congress (APC), Party in the House of Parliament Honourable Aaron Koroma admonished newly appointed government officials to bring change to state governance.

Honourable Aaron Koroma is representing one of the constituencies in the Tonkolili district, in the Northern region of Sierra Leone.

Honorable Koroma made his advice stressing particularly for the Supreme Court Judge, Abdulai Bangura whose mandate, he said, was critical to the survival of the judiciary. “The institution has watered down its reputation, and for a nation to exist, it must have a court that can be trusted and make the country proud,” he stated.

He went further and hailed the new Supreme Court Judge for his good leadership skills shown at the Political Parties Regulation Commission and urged him to do the same in the judiciary. He also cautioned one of the nominees, Joseph Egbenda Kapuwa to demonstrate sound leadership at the Independent Media Commission and journalists’ well-being. “Journalists have not been treated with the utmost respect they deserve,” he alleged while stressing his call to the new IMC Chair to improve the media sector.

He also called on other appointees to work in the country’s best interest by serving the people irrespective of tribe, region, and political affiliation.

The Deputy opposition leader further appealed to the nominees at the National Telecommunications Authority (NaTCA) not only to generate revenue but also to improve the services for Sierra Leoneans adding that the telecoms world was no longer good since customers could not make “a two-minute call” with Le2. Customers, he said, were in dire need of bonuses and other services which they used to enjoy.

Similarly, Leader of Government Business, Hon. Matthew Nyuma also called the nominees to live up to expectations as they had been appointed to serve.